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Air Lift Doors

D.A. Lincoln Pump Service and Supply has partnered with Air Lift Doors, Inc. to offer door packages specifically tailored to meet your car wash needs. Air Lift Doors Inc. takes pride in the quality of their products and guarantees no other manufacturer will stand behind their products and warranties like Air Lift Doors Inc.


Alaska Polycarbonate Overhead Door

The Alaska Polycarbonate Door is not your typical overhead door…
While it operates in much the same way as other overhead doors, the design and functionality separates itself from the rest. Constructed out of light weight aluminum and Polycarbonate, the Alaska door can withstand 200 times the impact of a glass door while maintaining only 1/8 the weight.

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Air Powered Openers

“The Power, Speed & Reliability of Air Openers” Airlift Doors, Inc. has been manufacturing car wash openers for over 25 years, specifically designed for the wet, corrosive car wash environment. You won’t find any other openers better suited for car wash applications.

Powerglide Air Opener

Magnaglide Air Opener