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The Lincoln Series

The Lincoln Series Equipment line covers a full range for the Self Serve Industry. Our customized industrial grade car/truck wash equipment package offers standard systems for one to 12 bays, which can be expanded to fit any wash requirement. We use proven components to provide ultimate quality and reliability for years of trouble free operation.

The Lincoln Series Wash equipment is designed with only one criteria: Make it the best self-serve wash system possible.

Standard Features

  • ETL/QPS approved main control panels
  • High Pressure Pump Options: General, CAT, Giant
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Pump/Motor/Tank Control Stands
  • Stainless Steel Rinse & Chemical Tanks
  • T.E.F.C. Electric Motors, 3 or Single Phase
  • Stainless Steel Belt Guards
  • Stainless Steel KIP Chemical Solenoids
  • Stainless Steel Overhead Spring Booms
  • Theft Deterrent Stainless Steel Coin Boxes
  • Electronic Coin Acceptors (accepts multiple coins)
  • Graphic Lexan Wash Instruction Signage
  • Breakaway Wand Holders
  • Stainless Steel Mat Clamps
  • Weep/Non Weep Trigger Guns

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  • Vacuum
  • Air
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Engine Cleaner
  • Low Pressure Presoak
  • Bug Prep
  • Soap
  • Foam Brush
  • Hot Rinse
  • Tri Colour Spray Foam Wax
  • Turtle Wax
  • Turtle Wax Ice
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • In Bay Credit Card Swipe
  • Low Temperature Weep System
  • In Bay High Volume Air Dryers

Auto dealerships


D.A. Lincoln Pump Service and Supply is proud to offer the PDQ LaserWash Express. PDQ has designed an affordable automatic carwash designed exclusively for the auto dealer market. It incorporates advanced touch-free technology to provide you and your customers with a quick, exceptional clean that is unsurpassed by any other automatic car wash in the auto dealer industry.

  • Easy loading process – No attendant required
  • Fast wash speeds with up to 23 vehicles per hour
  • Low fresh water consumption with as little as 21 gallons/wash
  • Touch-free washing eliminates brush contact with vehicles, minimizing damages
  • Cleans all production vehicles even your largest SUVs and trucks, including duallys
  • No hydraulic systems, which are prone to leaks
  • Simple design lowers maintenance expenses

Local service for quick response and maximum up-time

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A Clean Car Every 60 Seconds

The severe-duty drive-thru fleet wash.

The insta-KLEEN™ by Belanger is a severe-duty, drive-thru car wash system designed with the needs of car dealers, rental car agencies and other fleet customers in mind. Based on Balenger’s industry-leading Classic™ tunnel line, the field-proven insta-KLEEN draws on decades of engineering know-how to create the simplest, most rugged wash system possible.

Built on the strength of our aircraft-grade aluminum framework the insta-KLEEN stands the test of time with a minimum of moving parts. Where motion is required, the insta-KLEEN relies on automotive-rated bearings or lube-free pivot points – for minima maintenance needs and easy servicing.

Unlike ‘rollover’ systems that must move the entire wash unit over each vehicle, making multiple passes up and down floor-mounted ‘train tracks,’ the insta-KLEEN framework is a pillar of strength that remains in place for the ultimate in structural integrity.

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