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Soaps & Waxes

Turtle Wax

The Force Behind the Biggest Brand in Car Care

Car wash and car care products have been synonymous with Turtle Wax since 1953. By teaming up with Turtle Wax D.A. Lincoln is able to offer its customers high performance car care products and car wash innovation. Whether you need the famous Hard Shell Finish, tire shine, bug remover, or the sudsiest car wash, Turtle Wax has you covered bumper to bumper. Professional car detailers agree that when detailing a car there is no substitute for Turtle wax car care products.

Brand Recognition

Did you know that Turtle Wax produces 98% brand awareness*? It’s a staggering statistic which translates into higher profitability. Car wash customers know the quality associated with Turtle Wax products and operators have more opportunities to up-sell to higher wash packages with the Turtle Wax name.


With the partnership of Turtle Wax and D.A. Lincoln we will market the Turtle Wax name throughout your car wash on a no charge basis which will drive your car wash business to the next level. A happy customer is a repeat customer!